“The masses have invested/sacrificed so heavily into this ‘health crisis’ plannedemic in just one year; emotionally, mentally, financially […]

"None but ourselves can impede upon our unalienable God-given rights and freedoms."

- Morphy.X ©2021

"Be aware of those who smile in your face, yet have a knife ready to stab you in the back. Not everyone wants your success and happiness. Some secretly pray for your downfall. Trust your intuition. Listen to your Higher Self."


"The reason most people are too afraid to wake up is because they prefer to live in their fairy tale La La Land. Otherwise, they'd totally LOSE THEIR SHIT. They can't handle seeing reality for what it is, not for how it appears to be."


"It comes down to us, We The People Of The World, to not blindly follow nor comply with tyrannical laws set in place to infringe upon our rights and liberties. No one, absolutely no one will defend the people, other than the people themselves."

- Morphy.X

"Does 'outer space' really exist? Not in the way we've been told or taught.

'Outer Space' is a level of 'density'. The sea is a 'space'. Earth is a 'space'. Your MIND / CONSCIOUSNESS is also a 'SPACE'. Space isn't necessarily lack of something. It IS something."


"Hollywood award ceremonies are nothing but Ego-Stroking Orgies of Highly Insecure Self-Indulgent Pretentious Assholes. Only seconded by their sycophantic celebrity-worshipping gossip columnists who live morbidly shallow hallow vapid meaningless lives."

- Morphy.X