I had the wonderful pleasure and honour to be invited once again as a guest on a fellow […]

"It takes a lifetime of dedication to become consciously awake and aware, it's not an overnight process, it's a spiritual journey with many layers to peel back. It is messy, it is nasty, it is ugly, but that's how you shed your earthly identity and become one with the Living Breathing Cosmos of Intelligent Infinity."

- Morphy.X

"If your EGO is involved, you might be 'woke', but most definitely not Higher Consciousness Awakened."

-Morphy.X ©2021

"Does 'outer space' really exist? Not in the way we've been told or taught.

'Outer Space' is a level of 'density'. The sea is a 'space'. Earth is a 'space'. Your MIND / CONSCIOUSNESS is also a 'SPACE'. Space isn't necessarily lack of something. It IS something."


"You can lead the horse to the well, but you can't make it drink.
You can feed the asleep sheep knowledge & undeniable irrefutable verifiable facts, but it's totally & entirely up to them to open their hearts, minds and 3rd eye. None but themselves can emancipate their own consciousness from mental enslavement."

- Morphy.X